Professional Business Chinese Immersion Program is designed for the international students who want to get an insight into the business environment and industries development in China. The program allows students to get an insight into Chinese business culture and custom, policies, commercial law and regulations and how successful local and foreign businesses conduct themselves and prosper through special designed Chinese courses, business courses, mobile classroom, business immersion practice. Students will be well equipped with language and business ability for future career development in China.

PCI Program is also available in summer for a 4 weeks short term program, SPCI.


◇ Study at one of the top 3 universities in China.

◇ Well balanced program design.

◇ Undertake an internship during weekdays with a local or multinational company.

◇ Hands-on business experiences.

◇ Diverse opportunities and experienced mentors.

◇ Chinese language instruction available for all skill levels.

◇ Experience the lifestyle of China’s most dynamic city.

◇ Proof of the internship, Recommendation letter for outstanding performance


  • Chinese Courses

    Providing Chinese courses with all levels from beginners to advanced learners.

  • Business Courses

    International Business including Advanced Lectures on Business Operation Practice.(English instructed)

  • Culture Workshops

    Cultural lectures on various topics including calligraphy, painting, Kungfu etc.

  • Mobile Classroom

    Cultural Immersion Activities including cultural site visits and field trips.

  • Business Immersion

    Practicing business and Chinese skills in working environment.


Study Period:

PCI Program: Ranges from half-year (one semester) to one year (two semesters).

SPCI: July 4 weeks

The Spring Semester runs from February to July, and the Fall Semester from September to January.

One semester:2015-09 to 2016-01,2016-02 to 2016-07;

One academic year:2015-09 to 2016-07, 2016-09 to 2017-07

Application periods:

1. Spring Semester: Applications begin on October 8. Deadline of submitting application is December 10.

2. Fall Semester: Applications begin on March 2. Deadline of submitting application is June 10.

3. SPCI: Before May 31.

Application Fee:RMB 400

  • Full Program Fee:

    PCI Program: RMB 39000/Semester

    SPCI: RMB 17000 for 4 weeks.

    Program fee includes all courses, cultural and business immersion activities. Housing cost is not included.

  • Eligibility:

    The Program is open to university students, postgraduates and professionals who are non-Chinese citizens and above 18 years of age with adequate English proficiency at university level.

Application Materials:

  1. One completed copy of Application Form with signature and photograph.
  2. One regular passport photocopy (personal information page – passport validity must be adequate for study).
  3. Personal statement including education background (major, school names etc.), language ability, internship or working experience, business idea or business plan, etc.

★If necessary, university will require applicants to submit extra materials.



  1. Log on to, and enter University’s Online Application System through E-Application.

  2. The online application procedure is as follows:

    Registering and activating account→Filling in application information→Submitting application→Paying application fee on Online Application System→Waiting for application result.

  3. How to apply online:

    (1) Please select Self-support, Student Category: General Advanced Student, Enrollment division: International Cultural Exchange School, Teaching Language : English. Please keep “Program Name” blank , click the search button to show the program list.

    (2) Then click to choose “Professional Business Chinese Internship PCI Program” in the list. Then click “check major” button on the right.

    (3) Please click “Apply” to begin your application. Please upload all necessary materials required.


Please log on to to do application. All application materials shall be submitted online.

Study Plan:Please choose “Nondegree”, “Language Student”, “ICES”, “Summer Program”, “SPCI Business Program”.

Download the project Electronic Handbook


Contact Information

Admission & Cooperation Office,

International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University

Room 909, East Main, GuangHua Building,

220 Han Dan Road, Shanghai 200433, China

Tel: +86-21-55664859, 65643652

Fax: +86-21-55664859